Wireless Internet - Wireless


Automation in registration and editing of the technical configuration of the wisp client connection.


Nodes integrated into Google Maps with approximate range and customer mapping.


Integrated to Mikrotik and other routers as well as CPE control systems such as Ubiquiti.


Speed changes in real time, bandwidth consumption control, blocking and enabling automated service.


Versatility, scalability, and the ability to manage networks efficiently. With the Mikrotik API we can make fabulous processes. It is not necessary to have a Public IP.


Registration and editing of Secret and Profile on multiple nodes. Access to Mikrotik is not necessary to configure the clients.


Automatic and optimized configuration. Static DHCP Lease with Burst speeds and all the benefits that Mikrotik offers.


Simple Queue Management with Address List configuration and/or speeds with bust, threshold and all advanced configuration.


Integrated directly into the Mikrotik API, you can obtain all the information from your router and/or CPE from the client, configuring everything you want.

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Consumption Control

Your clients' own download control with instant, real-time information to make decisions. A consumption control can be used if you do not offer free GB in your internet rates.

Daily / Monthly Consumption

Daily consumption control for each connection, shown on a graph in minute intervals and accumulated monthly by connection and grouped by client.

Limit in GB Downloaded

If you offer a limit on the GB downloaded in the internet rate, the system manages the surplus by downgrading the speed until the next period.

Night speed upgrade

Possibility of releasing the speed during times of low network traffic, generally at night.

Reseller Detection

Identification of clients with a high GB consumption, detecting potential resellers of the service.

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