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telefonia movil


Automation in registration and editing of the technical configuration of each client's line.


Control of consumption and call details for each line.


Integrated into the operators' systems to carry out all the necessary procedures.


Portability, rate changes, scheduled cancellations, all managed from our system.



Detail of calls, SMS, internet, detailed for each line of each client with date and time for billing, control and audits.

Call Log

Integrated into the invoice that the client receives every month, detailing SMS, Call, Internet and surplus consumption.


Any surplus that has a cost will be automatically billed in the system on each client's invoice, in addition to the contracted rate.


We store all the CDRS files uploaded to the system to make a historical control over a line. That data is never deleted.

Easy Import

If the operator has integration, the system can import the complete cdr file for the month with just 1 click, otherwise the file is uploaded to the system by downloading it from the operator.

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Local Operators

Integrated into the majority of local operators in Spain such as Voztelecom, Lemonvil, T-movil, Finetwork, Másmovil. Managing operations via API or importing the CDR file for billing.

API Integration

The operator that has an API available will be integrated into our system and all operations can be carried out from our system without having to use any other system.


Orders for new lines and automated contract signing for operators that integrate it through API.


Portability management from the system for operators who have it available via API.

Scheduled Changes

Scheduled rate changes according to the rules of each operator used and that has availability via API.

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