Prepaid Internet

internet prepago


Automation in registration and editing of the technical configuration of the client connection.


Adaptation of the sporadic charging system for prepaid internet connections


Integrated with multiple provisioning and mapping systems to have full control of the network.


Speed changes in real time, bandwidth consumption control, blocking and enabling automated service.


Our system offers the possibility of having prepaid internet clients where the clients themselves self-manage payments and the days of internet to purchase. No manual process is necessary for service management.

self management

From the APP, the client can purchase internet packs per day and make the payment with a credit card, debit card or multiple payment methods with immediate credit.


The client can extend the days purchased for the initial pack without having to end the previous one, the system adds more days of current internet and invoices it.

Recharge Points

Also from the Collectors APP, customers can go in person to buy an internet pack and extension with immediate activation


The Client APP is translated into all languages, therefore if you have foreign clients they can self-manage without problems due to the language.

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