Optical fiber

fibra óptica


Automation in registration and editing of the technical configuration of the client's connection with fiber optics.


NAP boxes integrated into Google Maps, with the possibility of integrating other specific fiber optic systems.


Integrated with multiple provisioning and mapping systems to have full control of the network.


Speed changes in real time, bandwidth consumption control, blocking and enabling automated service.

aprovisionamiento fibra óptica


Integrated with Smartolt (Huawei and ZTE) or other fiber optic equipment, we can configure and automate all internet client management without the need for technical knowledge or access to the OLT, ONU, ONT.

Control Panel

Configuration from our system to the technical parameters of each internet connection.

Process automation

Each company decides how its supply is configured, we develop the automations that are required.

Real Time Monitoring

Reports on speed, signal, consumption and many control parameters provided by the ONU / OLT.


We provision the router to create the PPPoE, DHCP or whatever configuration you use to provide the service.

Access the demo to test our system


Integrated with Google Maps, our system maps the NAP box and client connections on an interactive map for network control.

mapeo fibra optica

Detailed Network Diagrams

Caja Maps mapping and client connection. Sample of remaining nap box ports for installation.

Real Time Mapping Tools

Filters and sending notifications to clients (Sms, WhatsApp, Email)

Integration with Advanced Maps

Integrated into more advanced systems in mapping and synchronized with our system. Ex: Geogrid

Efficient Resource Management

On-site Technicians use the map to know the available ports on each NAP box without having to physically see it.

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