Main Features

It is not just software.
It is the best software for your company.

We develop our work in a practical and functional way, completely adaptable and personalized so that each of our clients can work according to their needs and realities.

We provide attention in real time to make dynamics a constant in our service.

We can make the best software for your company.


All control on your mobile.

Our systems are adapted to the latest technologies offering a 100% responsive system.

It can be used, with all its functions, from a PC, laptop, tablet, mobile phone.



Flexible and automated.

Our billing module allows you to automate the entire heavy process in a simple intelligent task, integrating monthly invoices, installation proportional, low, invoices in different currencies, provincial / state taxes.

That billing does not make you lose work days, we make it simple.


Full integration.

Do you need to connect the system with your preferred payment method? We do. Need to integrate your network monitoring system? We do.

We have full integration with any collection, monitoring, management system you use.




No more human in the supply processes.

Our system is 100% automated in all the procedures that your company needs to work with your network.

It is also synchronized with our billing and collection system.



Comprehensive organization.

We offer a super complete and efficient ticket system.

Installations, service cancellations, repairs, remote support, all in the same module, integrating a calendar for the organization of visiting days, google maps for customer geolocation, photos, signatures, statistics.




Knowing where we are and where we have to go is very important.

We use Google Maps for the geolocation of your customers and field technicians to never lose orientation.


Integrated with your ISP

Do you sell IP or mobile telephony? You found the right software.

We use your CDRS or API of your providers to manage the telephony of your clients to have control of their consumption and generate the corresponding report and invoice.


WebAPP Field Technicians

Control and efficiency.

Forget paper, use our system for field technicians in real time.

Your technicians enter a WebAPP specially developed for them, where they will obtain information on the work to be carried out in real time, integrating geolocation, photos of the work carried out, supply, stock of materials and client signature.

WebAPP Customer Portal

self management

Offer your clients an intuitive system where they will be able to do their business, download their invoices and make payments. All in real time.

We have our own API to integrate the client system to adapt it to your web page or with your own design that you want to make.


WebAPP Collectors

Money in real time.

Do you use your own billing system?
We designed an exclusive system for your collectors, who will be able to enter their clients' money automatically into the system, enabling them if the service was suspended.

It has a liquidation control to account for the money and pay the commission.

Digital Contracts

No more paper.

Your customers will be able to virtually sign the service contract with their fingers. Super simple, totally digital, without the need to go to each customer's home.

The link of the contract can be sent by SMS, Email or the means of communication that you want.